Friday, April 29, 2011

The geese are comming to get me!!!

Brendan seems to have a fear of geese. That's okay, we were on a farm, the historical Wheeler Farm. He played upon this the entire shoot. I honestly don't know if he is afraid of geese or not though he says he is.
We met up with Monica and Shannon to do a little mid morning photography session. The two ladies wanted to get some 'modelling' in before the Earth Jam Festival at Liberty Park this weekend. I wanted a little couple action to practice at a very popular spot for couples to come for engagement's and families for portrait sessions.
I do like Wheeler Farm. It's easily accessible from the freeway. It's a petting zoo for many kinds of farm animals. It also has a small wooded area on the property. There are diverse background settings like this one, the back of the ice house to an old Box Elder tree across the creek.
The photos from this shoot may be available for viewing in about two weeks. This weekend I have a Hugs For TUGS run (Saturday morning), Earth Jam Festival (Saturday & Sunday), and Granny Starr Foundation (Monday).


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