Friday, July 02, 2010


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Not only is it backpacking season, it's also carnival season.
I headed to the local carnie last night for a little light creativity. The rides cost but,to get in, is free. Tonight will probably be packed so I took full advantage of the quite Thursday.
This particular image is of the 'kamikaze' ride. I used a little zoom action in the bulb setting. Ah, got to love the variety of lights and sounds of the carnival.
Also in the same area it the 4th of July Rodeo. I could hear the announcers from my place. I'll say this of West Jordan UT, it's a weird city built up around a small town that got trapped in urbanexpansionville. I'm still exploring the streets even after calling WJ home for 2 years. I still find the lost barn and horse trailer next to a $300k house.
Any how take time to explore this weekend both with the lights and sounds of the local carnival and hometown events.

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