Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Setting Trees

Setting Trees, originally uploaded by preyingjaws.

I escaped the valley on Tuesday to put a few miles on my boots and hopefully a few on the snowshoes. The snowshoes eagerly awaiting some use since the snow began to fall last October. I finally decided to check the weather, the maps, and review my notes for heavily treed areas that would be holding the snow to the mountainsides.
The avalanche reports keep cautioning back country travel. Caution is for good reason too, the base layers for our mountain snows are weak and do slide often. I doubt there's been a green (completely safe) day since last November when there wasn't enough snow to make snowshoeing comfortable. I like a base of 2 feet to 'shoe over. I've tripped over just covered rocks and stumps before.
Even though Dog Lake isn't one of my favorite places to go it met the requirements of being safe. The trail to the lake, hard packed and well traveled. I carried the 'shoes all the way. I found that there wasn't a trail around the lake so I made one - tromp tromp, ah.
Instead of packing the power house camera with me I took the point and shoot. It's quick, convenient, and if I fall the result is less cussing the stupidity of the fall.
I came down well rested and ready to tackle the tickle of going back up, soon,

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