Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Introducing the Wet Birds...

With less then ideal conditions a friend & I braved the weather to go to the Thunder Birds' Airshow at Hill AFB in Ogden UT. The day before was perfect, but we both were tied into working. Still, wrapping the camera in a bread bag I shot with rain dripping of my hat while 'trespassing' in flight line puddles near ankle deep. Got'a love days like that they make for great stories.

The weather did break about 1pm allowing for the Air Boss to make the decision to let the show go on. Hours late and with a very modified low show the T-Birds were in the air after a series of other fly by's that included F-22 Raptors. Even during the T-Bird's performance the weather went south with a rain squall moving rapidly through the area.

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