Sunday, June 05, 2016

Loop Time

A discussion with a work mate on Tuesday made me glad I hadn't gone to the Uinta's.  A quick look at the forecast and at the maps, I decided to head up to, rather down to Sheep Creek Road and do a 20 mile loop in preparation for my vacation.  It'll be good.

Since I went to a Singles BBQ, I hit the road and on to the southern end of Sheep Creek around 9 am, it's a little more than an hour away.  I parked at Second Water, hike down to Fifth Water Trailhead, up passed the hot springs (complete with dogs in the water) passed a few more water falls, and across Sheep Creek Road.  I stopped for lunch.  Looking at the map and the time, I decided to press on.

At the top of 5th Water, I turned south towards 2nd Water.  5th and 4th Water canyons had good spots to camp but I decided to see what it took to do a long day.  Along the south bound portion, I played leap frog with a family of Trail riders on motor cross bikes.  Eventually they passed me for good.

I took a break at all the creek crossings on this leg.  Made good time.  Ironically, I'm at the same site I was last weekend.  Tomorrow's a short day maybe 2 miles to the car.  By my estimate, 18 miles today.  I chose not to stop at the hot springs to soak, also bathing in sulfur infused water is not my thing. I like my miles.

My thoughts today are not on the chafing, side note don't use hand sanitizer to clean that stuff, nuff said.  I'm sure there is a warning about rubbing it over chapped skin somewhere .  Thoughts aren't on the vacation, which is rapidly approaching.  It's on something completely different.  A Christian Church from Kalispell MT wants to plant a church in SLC.  I am a Christian.  I served as a missionary, cooking for a particular sea going organization, for many years.  I asked on of the team members from MT, why SlC.  His response 'an area can never have to many churches'  I stayed for the rest of that interest meeting.  I've gone to a few more meetings.  Would my readers mind if I added more to my blog besides hiking and more hiking?

Sorry about not following through with the last entry of doing an out and back on the Great Western.

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