Sunday, July 15, 2018

what just happened

Delaying the finale literally to the last minute, I panicked over one item.  The only item that hadn't passed through my hands last night.  "Where's my spoon?"  Every long distance hike knows the anxiety that comes with the missng spoon.  More than anyother single piece of gear this one feeds the hungry hiker thus preventing hangry from erupting.  A hangry hiker with a missing spoon is the last creature you want in the woods.

Thankfully I'd seen it in the food bag a few days ago.  I'm using the food bag as my carry on to Portland.  I left my coffee to make a quick search.  Yup, I have it. Holding it up like the Precious, I relaxed,a little.  Psalm 139:23 "Search me O God, and know my heart; test me and know my anxious thoughts."  It's amazing what little things will create an anxious thought.

I've found that packing the last minute prevents me from throwing excess weight into the pack.  This does not mean that I haven't packed my ruck.  It means I know my gear and I know it well.  There's thousands of miles in my pack.  The gear list is precise to what I expect and adds a little safety.  A midnight FB jump, someone reported that a section north of Snoqualmie having icy snow and they needed traction aids of which they did not have.  Last minute weight but, a Mt Rose experience I do not want repeated. Gear Lists make a difference.

There however, remains little decisions. I've been two tents for the last week.  The decision broke as I spoke with another hiker, of a different style.  He recalled my frustration over the tight floor space of last year and remarked on the convenience of the slightly heavier tent, heavier by 6 odd ounces.  The extra weight isn't going to matter when it comes to good sleep.  Bad sleep however, will matter on big mile days making them harder.  The decision is cut, the Six Moon Design's Lunar Solo, aka the Green Beast, is home, err shelter upon my back.

I told another friend I wasn't going to bring a book.  As I replaced my long distance hike planning journal in the bookcase, I saw John Stott's "Basic Christianity" a book I started to read this summer while in the Uinta's.  A last minute grab and I hope the only one, it now sets on top the food bag.

I double checked my electronics and their cords.  All is good no PCT/OR experience this round.  Time to relax a little more.  Overwhelmed, by Big Daddy Weave, rests on my guitar case.  I'd rather be overwhelmed by the things of God than the little things of man.  I play my guitar one last time while waiting for my ride.

PS thankyou for the birthday wishes

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