Tuesday, July 25, 2017

train riding

Rain, what, in Salt Lake? Yup, my adventure began with standing in the rain waiting to load upon the California Zephyr.  "It's only bothersome for the first 5 minutes, " I remarked to another who waited as if it were nothing, while others ducked as if they melted. Thankfully the rain came after the Pioneer Day fireworks for those who enlightened themselvles for Utah's 2nd biggest celebration.

On the train I found out my power cord is faulty.  I borrowed on for a while from a fellow with two young inquisitive boys. The ride is as expected.  The USA has the worst rails on the planet, quiet and bit bumpy but not as bad as the interstate stood system.  Sunrises as we're some where near Pilot Peak NV.  Benefits of the hair cut, it's a mess I don't need to restrain.

Coming into Reno NV, snow remains on Mt Rose (TRT hike milestone ).
As the train climbed Donner Summit climing out of Truckee, I pulled out HalfMile Map's app.  I watched the app count down the miles to the PCT.  The trail runs understand the trail in a tunnel.  A thought crossed my mind, Northern California by way of Ashland SoBo (southbound) to Truckee next July.  It's a thought.  I'll look at later.

I've got a 10 hour layover in Sacramento.  The only other time I was here, I was with the Caribbean Mercy when she was in Stockton on a public relations tour.  I came up in a mission owned vehicle with one of our Korean crew to pick up another shipmate.  I convinced her to let me drive in to see the Capitol building.  We drove around the block and then on to the airport.  Today, I headed to the Capitol,  walked around for a bit then decided to head to the yellow bridge, a major landmark.  I stopped to ask for directions from a local who wondered what was on my pack, my hiking poles in a case of disposable water bottles.  She told me not to proceed, that I was headed into a homeless jungle, that I'd not be safe.  I took her advice.  I wish at that point I asked for directions back to the train station.  I could have saved my feet 2 miles and at near lost in the city experience.  G [e got me turned around.  One could say I got myself Googled.  A friendly cabbie pointed me in the easiest direction.

Now I sit in a local $-bucks (Starbucks, I prefer local coffee shops).  This is a block from the train station.  I can't get Googled here.  I still have a few hours.

An update on the faulty power cord.  I asked a different passenger as we pulled into Sacramento if there was a near by electronic store.  She said no, and gave me here power cord.  Which we tested to see if it worked, and it did.  So if Trail Magic happens on the train is it still Trail Magic?  TO is someone doing the unexpected for a hiker on the trail.

I'll write a part 2, possibly.  The next leg is at midnight.

Hike on.  Hike Wise.
PS my wireless SD card didn't like my phone.  This image is a phone pic of the camera, cropped.

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