Monday, July 31, 2017

Day 3, ache inventory

Sun filters through the trees in the evening of day 2.  I think about how the aches and pains tend to show up on day 3.  Tonight, my butt is sore from sitting on rocks.  I need to add a sit pad to my next quest.

It's 10.45 at PCT mile 1757.  I just crossed an un-named dirt road.  Coming down from Old Baldy Mountain, I met 4 horses.  The last horse was too friendly and wanted to be petted.  I spoke briefly with the riders.

At  Big Springs, a note stated that the pump at South Brown Mountain shelter is broken, the next reliable water is at Fish Lake.  For me that put me at 3 ltr to do 13.6 miles.  hum?  Do I take the challenge or call it short in hopes of a trickle of a stream near the shelter?  PS glad I didn't rely on that water as it was right next to a road, a dirty road but still one of the worst places for inorganic contaminations.

Aches, yup, both feet ache a little today.  The hips where the pack weight is carried does too.  Where the shoulders meet the neck, I'm experiencing a little rubbing.  The neck is also a little sore with the pack weight in the shoulders and a little to much looking at my feet. All this is expected. Of looking at my feet, I've noticed Oregon Trail maintainers have put white diamond flags near the ground below the PCT crests to help the NoBo zombies stay on trail.

This morning when I got up two hikers passed by.  I talked with one at the spring.  An Israeli, he's done the full including the Serras and a side trail into Yosemite. I asked why was the other guy's pack so light?  The Israeli replied he's sent home the thermal base, the puffy jacket and a few other items of which he deemed not needed.  The Israeli continued that he's chosen to retain those items for comfort when it gets cool.

I guess this hike I'm right in line with selection of use.  I figured if I pack for a comfortable Uinta hike, I'll nail this one in gear.  Okay, I've got a canister and an alcohol stove.  The can is my primary and have yet to fire it up, too hot in the evenings.

I review my gear.  I think of the use and value each item carries.  So far I haven't used any of my cool weather gear, my stove, or gps unit, the phone is working fine with the apps.  What my phone does not have is the full US Geological Survey maps incase I need a bail out point.  I did listen to the weather radio last night, no news of the fires up north.  Maybe I'll get info from South bounders or at Fish Lake.  PS the SoBo's had water reports and malicious info on mosquitoes - prepare for eminent attack.

South Brown Mt shelter, PCT mile 1760.8. I've seen a lot nicer trashed out shelters on the AT.  It's 1.15, I'm moving on.  The water pump here is broke.  It slides but being one person to catch water if it came is nigh impossible.  There is a stream just beyond here.  I'll fill there and stay at a camp 4 miles beyond, or I may just push it into Fish Lake which is 10.7. or 5 hours, 7 pm not bad.  Let's do it.

3.10. I'm in the middle of lava fields and trees at PCT mile 1764.  5 miles to go to Fish Lake.  It'll be a esay the rest of the day as it's flat. PS or so I thought it was flat, quite a bit of gentle up hill.

The trail teams of Northern Pennsylvania need to take note of the trail teams of Southern Oregon.  This trail through the lava fields were almost handicap accessible, almost.  It flowed so smooth.  The teams integrated lave local lave rocks to bridge the dips while importing red lava to pave out the rough.  The trail dipped in and out of trees, in and out of fields.  Ah glorious, I can't describe how awesome it is.  There were a few camp able spots a long the way if one were to push the limits near dak, they'd miss them.

I pushed it.  I hit the highway at 5 pm and headed to the resort.  Ah beer thirty.  I grabbed a spot on the bench with the Posey and then headed into the camp store for ice cream,  power aid, and beer.  Ah, awesome sauce guilty pleasure of the trail.l, I can make a junk food junkie envyious.

I rallied another hiker and we found the hiker camp on the lake.  Three tents already there.  It's been a blast swappin' stories of trail, one and off.  It's tight in here with 5 or 6 of us.

Ah the sun fades into glory.  I look forward with a day off.  Aches and pains yes, but who cares.  I nailed a 25 mile day with off trail detours.  So much for a nero for the day in.  Breakfast in the morning.

Hike on, hike wise.

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