Monday, July 24, 2017

Ready and not

While ya'll are getting into that commute thingy this morn', I'm sitting outside drinking my coffee, lookin at my sunflowers, thinking.  Thinking, 'oh $#|7 I haven't actually packed my ruck in 3 weeks, I guess I should do it now, naw, I have a few hours yet.'  Rays of gold split the clouds.  The hum of traffic mixed with coolers kicking on, one or two various sounds adding value to the moment. 

'The time has come to pay the rent, to pay our share' lyrics from the 80's.

3 years in the making.  $#|7 holy $#|7 let's do this.  3 years since I set my mind on doing this trail while hiking the AT, though the thought kicked around much longer than that.  This is not the AT that I'm headed for.  This trail presents a whole new set of challenges , goals, and high points.  <takes another sip of coffee, ponders taking a photo & decides not to>   Everything is in place, well, in theory it is...

Hike on, hike wise.

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