Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Day 17, rest

Rain burst on to the scene last last night.  I woke, fumbled with the tent door before getting it right.  Woke to a serene scene with four tents on the beach.  The whole area covered in wet for a while as mist rose from the lake, burning off by 10 am.

Summer camp, okay, I'm not participating.  The guys I hiked with got out after breakfast.  I hung with the other hikers that came through.  I chilled all day. My ride came through the to confirm arrangements for tomorrow.

I've decided to carry 6 days of food.  Hit and blast through to Mt Hood so I can get breakfast there.  I want to bounce my resupply forward to Cascade Locks.  I may chose to hike a little of Washington but, I haven't decided.  I'll choose at Cascade Locks.

Tomorrow break camp.  Eat breakfast.  Hike to the Hwy by noon.  Chill at Olallie before hiking on.

Hike On.  Hike Wise.

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