Sunday, August 06, 2017

Day 10, plus a mile

I pushed my first big break 15 miles to mile 1875.7. When I got here some hikers  were talking with the forest service guys doing sign repairs.  Before they left they gave us all ice cold gatoraid.

My morning began with a mosquitoe buzzing my ear.  I swatted it away then another came a few minutes later.  I leaned out to see a brilliant glowing sky in the clouds and the smoke below.  I made myself ready.  What an awesome location.  I'm glad I came down from the PCT highpoint a mile away.

The trail flowed smoothly up and down.  I chose to skip a water source and hit this water cache I'm at now.  Several of the hikers are calling 2017 the year of Ice and Fire.  Ice represents the Serras this year.  Fire represents Oregon.  It seems as if the whole state is burning along the PCT.

Coming into Summit Lake the last 5 miles were mosquito hell.  If my my hips hadn't hurt as much I'd put on bug dope.  The hike up and over Cowhorn Mountain revealed Cascade beauty.  The horn liked ragged and hard to summit.  Never saw a summit trail.

As I came into Summit Lake a couple who thru-hiked last year had a small fire and trail magic.  Ben hanging here for an hour or two.  I've made 27.3 so I'll call it.   A whole new batch of hikers with new stories.

I left Spider Bite and Grotto at the OST/PCT junction where the forest service guys gave gatoraid.

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