Thursday, May 22, 2014

Town Days

Town days or resupply days call them.what you want, for me they are short of a pain.  Today, I'm sitting in McD's looking at a tray of empty wrappers.  If you're on a diet stop reading here.

This day actually began last night when I did my food inventory.  I needed only to pick up a few items from.the grocery story to get me into Bland VA where I have a bounce box waiting, with a few days of food.  I got in from the Partnership Shelter around 9:30 am.  Headed to Engles for the few items.  My ruck in the cart, I used that little basket thing to control my shopping.  I did pretty well: a box of oatmeal packets, 3 boxes of granola like breakfast bars, a jar of cashew butter, a package of tortillas, some tuna packets (protein), knorr sides, and some fresh stuff.  My fresh includes: 1/2 lbs cheese, summer sausage, bananas, tomatoes, and any other fruit my hand lashes on to.

Outside, I sat down.  There were a few other thru-hikers resuppling too.  We went through what we got stripping it of any excessive package materials.  Then organizing it into the food bag.  I have a daily ration snack bag, a condiment/lunch bag, and the dinner bag.  The dinner bag is often the deepest packed.  Once loaded, the ruck sack item moans as I lift it to the shoulders.  Oh, wait that's me.  The pack will go from 30 up to 50 with the resupply.

I hit Walgreen's for the photo center.  I am burning DVDs since uploading takes for ever.  Last night I noticed my camera is saying that it transmitted everything but when I looked on the phone, I'm missing images.  Time to sync both and send a copy of both devices home.  I'll try syncing again to see if I miss any other images.  I may just need to burn.DVDs directly and be selective on which images I bring over.

Town days drag also for I recharge the power pack often taking 4 or more hours.  If I plug in my phone for power then even longer.  I wish I could plug it in at one place and come back for it.  Solar chargers aren't worth the weight as the hours of Sun needed daily is often mitigated by tree cover, out West great, here no.  The power peg is worth considering.  I left mine at home as I couldn't find my camera's adapter for it on line.  Power peg has since gone to a UDB rat tail.  Arug, why didn't I think of grabbing one.  Without power, I can't take images you're not seeing now, and without power I don't write blogs.

Yet another day in the life...

I said I'm.sitting in McD's looking at a tray of wrappers.  Hiker hunger struck, 2 burgers, fries, a shake, and soda.  Moan, I'd never eat this stuff, in this quality, at home.  I'm also being annoyed by the constant blasting of multiple media, a TV and a radio is on.  The beeps from the prep area are drawing attention.  Outside, bill boards, van ads, and other color splash compete for attention.  As I've been here, I did log into Facebook.  I updated my status, checked for common friends, and looked at the top 10 items.  I so like the woods more and more.  The birds are my alarm click, the wind is my weatherman, the sun tells me when it's a good time to grab a break otherwise my legs do.

Hike on. And looking for the simple life...

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Chuck said...

5 days since your last post! Must be covering lots of ground? Did you cross paths with a bunch of day hikers over the Memorial Day Weekend?