Monday, May 05, 2014

Shelter in the Sky

When I woke gently to the sound of the river I didn't think to night I'd be sharring a shelter in the sky with Sketter, Raven, and Justin.  I got into town to do chores, uploads (which didn't happen as I wanted), and to recharge my batteries.  I hung out at the local hike ministry.  They had wipe boards for everyone to draw their trail names on and they where shown on the big screen.  It's great to see those who are a head like Pilot, Sasquatch, and Neon among many others.

I got what I needed done and decided to head up to the Rich Mountain Lookout for sunset.  I pushes the 9 miles in 4 hours.  Sketter had taken shelter from the bugs.  Raven followed me up.  At first I was going to head down but, with others talking of staying why not.  It's clear, weather is great, and the wind is calm.  Looks like we are in for a cold beautiful night.

It was great to hang with everyone in town yesterday and today.  Now it's time to hike on and get to Uncle Johnny's in Erwin.

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