Thursday, May 22, 2014

Moving On

Catching up with Trail Family and meeting folks I've read shelter log entries  couldn't been better.  The trail calls many and others just make merry.  Getting out of Trail Daze wasn't hard.  I needed to move after 2 whole days off.

My first night out, bitter cold.  I rolled over and pulled on the rain gear to get warm.  I regretted turning my 20 degree quilt to do some upgrades.  That thought lasted only one night.  The others were warmer. Last night I used the 40 degree as a quilt.

To night I'm in Partnership Shelter around trail mile 528. When I got up this morning I thought I could hit the Van Clan's Trail Magic at Dickies Gap or move on. Since it was 9 am when I hit the gap I pushed on for the pizza delivery shelter. Pizza Hut does deliver into the woods. Several others also made orders. The catch is one needs to puck it up from the visitor center for the park. 528

What's been cycling in my head lately as I've hiked is how much I miss being a part of YWAM/Mercy Ships. I miss helping out people, praying for them, and working for a greater good. Being around the Van Clan I'm reminded about the power of prayer. I remember how I knew specifics about some situations I honestly knew nothing about and later finding out my prayers were spot on by the people I prayed for. I let some of the Van Clan know this. It's good to be around them and in part being adopted by them. Though I've moved a head I hope to reconnect with them later.

Another thing cycling is my trail name. Few thru-hikers know me by anything other then Train. I spend 3 1/2 days on the train and with this story am called by such. I've looked at this. T means teachable. R means respecting of. A is adaptable. I is for intuitive. N is noble, one of the Van Claim gave me this.

Why breaking this down? Easy, every day I learn something new. Every day I must adapt to many changing conditions. Everyday I need to respect the trail, the people, and my gear to disrespect any part could be costly. Intuitive for somethings aren't what they seem and I need to look beyond the immediate to see what is happening. Noble, with these previous combined and take care of how can it not be noble. One thing my Eastern religion classes taught me is the Sage is wothy as one sees to better oneself. In Christianity these things are worth pursuing.

I'm now over 500 miles into my Appalachian Trail Journey. It's an adventure no one could replicate with any book or movie. I don't miss the media bombardment. The trees are my media, the streams tell me the stories of the day, the birds are my alarm clock. If anyone has an inclination to follow, do it. Stop thinking about it. Carve out the time and get on trail.

Hike on. Keep learning.

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