Monday, April 19, 2010

Walk for a Cure

Walk for a Cure, originally uploaded by preyingjaws.

This past weekend hits on my Walk for a Cure with the American Cancer Society went up. Typically at the start of the summer this happens. I know that I mis-labeled this event from the beginning so I want to connect everyone to the event in their area.

Here is the link to the American Cancer Society's annual event for Cancer Awareness...

American Cancer Society

Cancer effects the lives of more then those who get it. For me, cancer invaded my family long before I knew what it was. I lost a grand parent to the affliction. During my time with Mercy Ships, I got that dreaded phone call from my Big Sister. Not long afterwards, I lost her. I am grateful to have spent her last days with her and I do carry dearly the memories of her close.

These events in your community in my mind is to help connect the greater body of the affected with each other and to raise awareness among those who have not been affected. Even if you do not donate please take a moment to find your local Relay for Life and walk the trail of the luminaries. Each one is representative of a life taken or affected by cancer.

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