Saturday, June 27, 2009

First Light

First Light, originally uploaded by preyingjaws.

A solo trek into the Uinta Mountians east of SLC/Kamas Utah put me at a mountain pass above Naturalist Basin late Tuesday night. I hoped for a couple of trees to sling my hammock between but so what I was to tired to attempt the lakes at east side of the pass about 1/2 a mile away and 500 feet below. So I lay my 40lb pack down pulled out my camp stove, fought the wind for a flame before I used my soaking wet boots as wind break & pulled out my down sleeping bag.

In the morning I awoke a the chill of predawn noticing the stars beginning to fade I rummaged my sleeping bag for the point & shoot & waited dozing off again a few times for the sun to rise. When I awoke next it was first light & the glimmer of dawn just about to happen, I reached up took a few snaps & rolled back over.

My trek that day would not let me over the ridge. I determined it was a bit to steep to attempt with all the snow still remaining so I turned back & headed towards Rainbow Lake on over to Pinto Lake and down towards the Duchesne River where I stayed the next night before trekking back to Mirror Lake where I parked.

The only time my boots were dry was this chilly mountain morning the wind had dried them out. I learned a few things. 1) wear boots that fit good even when wet, I have my share of blisters 2) carry a sleeping pad however small it is, it may be extra weight but it's worth a great night's sleep, oh them rocks. & 3) however heavy it is a candle lantern is worth its weight for warmth, comfort & convince over any little fire.

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