Tuesday, July 07, 2009

three passions

My three passions will take me places I never thought possible at times, then again at times my three passions will also leave me hurting as well. There are times like sitting on the mountain top for the sun set and the following sun rise that make my spirit soar. Then there are times when the pain for the struggle is to much to bear.

Last weekend I turned far short of my intended goal. All the preparation, the planning, & the drive to get out there just could not be over come by one limitation. After 5 miles in with a little rain, an ice cold swift creek crossing (2x) a few leaches too, I turned back. I turned back not for the lack of mosquito repellent (which I had) but, for the physical discomfort of walking. Carrying a 40lb pack up hill stressed my knee out. I know the trail I chose was well with in my limits but, limping it wasn't. I don't know if it was for the lack of physical conditioning or the lack of a warm up after a 3 1/2 hours drive but, not knowing why my knee stressed out gave great concern to me. I wanted so much to keep pushing on. During the past week I did get to a physical therapist, his simple reply - I'm getting old. What a relief for a moment I though I was getting younger.

NO!~! I'm a sprite 24 + 14. Look at those numbers & that's how I like to play. I do play it safe but, I'm not old'n bound, when that day comes put me in my rocking chair on the cabin porch. I've got my rocking chair already, I'm still looking for my cabin.

My three passions are photography, hiking, & GOD.
I'm not into religion but, I am into the relationship with the Maker. Yes, I am a God fearing Christian. I was burned by the but,'church' earlier this year I am not burned by God, Himself.

I'm into photography. I am part of the carry your camera every where club. Even though I don't shoot it all the time I do have at least the point & shoot within reasonable reach of the knapsack. I save the dSLR for the times I need the high quality. Of which I need to push out my rehearsal pictures this weekend the follow up with my hiking pictures, too.

Finally, I'm into hiking. The trail gives me breath to make it through the week. It also cools me off from the valley heat. SL UT is bound for the triple's later this week. AC does not cut it very well nor does the swamp cooler. Utah is funny like that, to dry for AC & just an edge to moist for cooling vis evaporation. My workmates & family ask why I hike. Simple I can. What's the point of looking at the mountains if you can't explore them. At one time, because I could not get out into the mountains, these mountains became my prison. I worked & went to school full time which left me with no time to explore. Hiking is about exploring for me. Does not everyone have some form of desire to explore, to learn, to achieve?

Though my passions ensue me I also pursue them. Despite the hardship the rewards are exponentially greater.

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