Sunday, June 10, 2018


No mater how many times I enter a basin in the Uinta's I find magic.  Each time is slightly different though the terrain does not change.

I wandered towards Divide Lakes, no trail just going between the different small lakes until I got there.   I talked with a fellow a spell at a camp site I've used before,  before moving on.

I dropped into Cliff Lake, spun a hard right but before I proceed I spent a few minutes chatting  with climbers headed to Cliff Lake.  One gal knows a someone I met last year in Oregon.  What a small world.

I went up to Long Lake, took a nap.  Went to Island Lake, went off trail to Fire Lake, a small lake one can see from the Big Elk Lake Trail above.  It's easy to find... follow the water.  Got back to Island Lake, passed down to Duck Lake.

At Duck Lake I sat a bit too long and decided the wandering is over for the day.  I'm writing at 7pm, been here since 4.  Yeah, I've got a few miles to pull to get to the trailhead in the morning but, so what.

With the wind, I've set my tent to help keep me a bit warmer and also using a big downed tree as a wind block.

Ah a weekend of relaxing...

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