Friday, June 13, 2014


The rain fell a little over night at Punch Bowl shelter.  In the morning I woke go the birds singing their get up song.  I rolled over and saw the mist light upon the tents around me.

A few minutes later I decided nature's call needed attention, so I got up.  I slowly went about my business afterwards.  Hiker hobble strikes at any time of day.  I jokingly say you can't make fun if a pregnant lady but you can if a hiker without their pack.

I loaded up for the day taking extra time for breakfast.  I normally just eat on the go a dry packet or two of oatmeal. I sat around the picnic table with Yeti, Bobcat, and several others.  Some of the Van Clan were there including one of the support team members.  Matt had come up for the night, the van just a half mile away.  Some folks would slack pack a few miles.

The mist cleared. My pack ready.  I set out to face a 17 mile odd day of mindless ups and downs.  I'd forgotten to recharge the MP3 player so my mind would need to find other activities.

Hike on...

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