Friday, June 13, 2014

Bad Hair Days

One may think I'm having a bad hair day, every day.   Actually, I'm not.  This mug of clown laughter is rather comfortable.  Hikers all struggle to stay cool at some point in the hike.  So far in the Virginias it's been terribly humid, which I am not use to, and hot.  By using my buff I am able to get the hair both up and out of my face.  It's the coolest thing I can do.

Why's my hair long and not short? Easy, remember one of my pre-hike posts?  I cut and donated my hair.  This growth is me just re-growing my hair out for the next donation. I could go short and get it manageable however, I'd have to wait an extra year for the next donation.  I'm not sure when I'll be going gray since I'm already in my 40's.  I'm growing it while I can.

Stay tunned for more obnoxious hair photos.

Hike on and stay cool...

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