Friday, April 04, 2014

Train Riding

Bathed in warm light of sunrise, the Book Cliffs of Utah shimmering greeted my sleepy eyes.  Were they shimmering or couldn't I get a decent picture to share?

Sleep came in around the Point of the Mountain.  I took narry a nap yesterday wrapping things up.  Even as Captain arrived to pick me up I still worked on one or two minor things.  Any one got a hiker's roll of some funky duck tape?  I saved that to the end.  I do have a few feet of grey in the kit. 

I did make a sandwich.  Now wishing I made more.  I've got some fresh fruit & bagels in the overhead.  2 bucks for Maxwell's eases the pain of lack of sleep.  And it reminds me Starbucks ain't here, so for get good Joe.

With 10 thousand Greyhound miles to my name taking AmTrak's a zero.  The ride is smooth.  The space feels unlimited.  I can get up and move around.  The draw back?  Being at the depot at Oh Dark Thirty.  Great thanks goes out to the Captain for getting me there. 

Why not fly?  If I'm gona walk up the backbone of the East Coast why would I want to see the Rockies, the Great Plains, or any other part from 30 thousand feet?  Yeah it'd be nice just to get there, however it's near a decade since I last drove across any significant stretch of this great land.  One simply can't get this experience from Flickr, though one can get views of vast beauty there.

Antelope and prairie dogs can be seen if one's fast enough.  I ponder how many kids sitting in the backseat are pretending they're racing the train in the distance?  Could the US rail system support high speed trains?  Could the costs drop and schedules become more humane if high speed trains came here?  Until then I'll keep counting leaning weathered power poles at the break neck speed of AmTrak.

Wow as desolate as this region of Utah/Colorado is, I'm awestruck by the raw reds and greens.  This is a harsh land.  Those who settled it were tougher.

I think this post is long enough for one to not quickly read at work.  I did wave at the office before my eyelids gravitated to the opposing direction of awareness. 

Enjoy the ride & hike on.


Ross Kirkley said...

hey brian , been following u just about every day, stay safe and hike on, i am envious! good luck, Ross

Ross Kirkley said...

hi brian, been following you, safe travels , Best Regards, Ross