Monday, March 31, 2014

Panic Prep

What's more exciting then getting on the road but, finishing up last second to do lists.
I enjoy a certain level of clean around my place, even at my desk, I cleaned.  I did leave a keyboard brush floating.  Keyboards are disgusting any ways then add a crummy person like me always snacking at my desk and you get the point. 

My point isn't that side trail rather a last minute check on resupply locations left a spot or two wide open for hunger.  I threw a quick grocery list of items together and soon enjoyed a living room full of drop boxes.  Instead of cleaning today as planned, I loaded and portioned out supplies.  Granted one or two need only two days worth, I went on for six.  I figure this way I'll have something other then ramen, again.

Pairing on last minute, while it's raining (last night it was snowing), I need to seam seal my tent.  I've chosen to forgo the hammock in place of a much lighter option.  I do plan on staying in the shelters enroute so a tent is more of a backup option when either to many are present or something is not agreeable.

So close and yet so far away.
Head up to see the goal & hike on...

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