Sunday, April 03, 2011

Beloved not Forgotten

Beloved not Forgotten, originally uploaded by preyingjaws.
My friend Monica, right, came up with a concept of light gore at a local cemetery. A group of models and photographers met there and worked the concept into our personal visions.

I enjoy working with Monica so I accepted the concept presented. I saw this as an opportunity to use flash in a vertical constraint as the night grew dark while in the late setting sun I caught light off of sword play. The other photographers took a different approach to their vision.

What I really enjoyed from this shoot was the balance of photographers to models. There were more models then photog's. We could shoot individually and as a collective without leaving someone feeling left out. While shooting as a collective, as photographers, we took turns giving direction to the models. In other shoots I've been to recently the photographers were competing for the models' attention.  I'll present the concept of taking turns in future group shoots.

With the setting sun and the models facing the light, and perhaps with an added reflector, we let the models close their eyes. When the directing photographer thought the models were ready and positioned, he'd count down to the opening for their eyes. This gave them relief and gave a more natural look. It also allowed the other photographers to make an image at the same time.

I chose this image to display on my blog for the illustration of flash use, Monica's make up, and also in memory of lain to rest.

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