Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Ball's in the Glove

20110411-Softball-102.jpg, originally uploaded by preyingjaws.
Her grounder unfortunately is hit to first base. She runs strong any ways, a hit is always worth an effort to run. Welcome to spring and the first game of City League Softball.

Since I last played softball (17 years ago) the rules changed slightly. The addition of a second first base (see the orange bag?) and a second home plate (Mr Yates could have used that when he slid home and broke a few ribs). The rules are essentially the same other wise. I can't think which to say is first put, fun or safety.

I'd like to encourage everyone to head to their local parks. Get out meet a neighbor or make a new friend. Support your local Parks and Recreation to put your tax dollars to work for your pleasure.

Have fun. Enjoy the images.
More are at http://preyingjaws.zenfolio.com/softball
or watch the slide show here...

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shannon said...

Hey! this is shannon, the green jacket, red polka-dot boot photographer that you talked to at the great salt lake. I've been enjoying looking at some of your work and I thought that you might want to take a look at some of my work as well, I would just love if you could give me some words of advice! this is the link to my face book photography page. http://www.facebook.com/pages/Whimsy-Photography/351622536471
thanks so much!! I love your work.