Sunday, January 17, 2010


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A lot of things go through my mind this time of year. As January 22 approaches I get a bit weird. I don't know how else to describe it. January 22 to me is the saddest day I now of. The 'it' is grief.
As many on Monday are celebrating MLK Day in memory of the late civil rights leader, few people know it's his birthday. Our calendars are set up to celebrate the birthdays of our heroes past. One could say these birthdays have become our national days of yearly grieving.
I take too chose a date, a birthday, January 22, as my day of remembrance for my Big Sister.
Cancer Sucks, a photo, posted several years ago on flickr, is from the American Cancer Society's Relay For Life Event. This picture continues to draw views. I hope it will draw a story or two. I hope also it will help others come to terms with their loss to cancer.
This little girl's smile never faded even in the worst of times. I learned so much from her growing up. These days I try to remember as much as I can about her. I try to remember the stories of our lives and those that she shared.
When I hear of friends lost, I try to find a personal story to share with the family. Every friend that has passed away I've written the family and included a photograph if I had one.
I know from experience, I hardly know any of my sister's friends. Those I do know I know mainly in passing. So much of her life is a mystery to me especially in the days following high school. She went one way, I another.
So, the stories they shared about her travels in the US, about her generosity, and her chosen life style of giving go beyond a photograph. These things have become her legacy.

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