Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Park City Weekend

Heads up there is a lot of activity headin' our way in Park City this weekend of January 20ish.

Because times are subject to change I've just included the links to the websites of information. Please refer to the websites. If in doubt call the event's listed phone numbers for ties.

As many know there is the annual Sundance Film Festival
You don't tickets to see the stars or event to go out at night. One just needs a paparazzi sense of being and the patience of one.

Next, we have some shredding happening on the mountain. If you've followed a little of the local sports you'll know that there are a few Olympic contenders for the US Snowboard Team that's been taken out recently due to injuries. This event will be sweet and easily accessible at PC Mountain Resort.

Also happening but not so far off the beaten path in Kimbal Junction's Olympic Winter Park is a world cup event for skeleton.


Have fun shootin' there's a little everything for everyone.

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