Saturday, December 06, 2008

RednGreen with a Pipin Santa

RednGreen with a Pipin Santa, originally uploaded by preyingjaws.

A few Holiday Tips

(I'm also posting this here in case he doesn't email me for the image)

1) Charge your batteries & clean your lens.
Long exposures show dirt.
Batteries fade in the cold.
Carry the extra set inside your front trouser pocket to keep them warm.
2) Get a pocket full of $1's & $5'rs - tip the street's well.
No less then a buck if you stand around for a few.
No less then a 5'r if you take a few pixs.
I'm guilty. I didn't know I was heading downtown until the last minute. I didn't have green backs with me.
3) Use your tripod.
There is no excuse for a blurry picture if you leave your's in the car or at home...
4) Know thy camera settings with out looking for them.
Use the short timer setting to clear camera shake of the shutter before the exposure begins.
Use rear curtain flash. That's why you see sparkles in this guy's pocket. He step'd into the frame during the exposure just before my flash fired. The picture works.
Use aperture priority settings for the dSLR or nite if you have a P&S
5) Limit your gear.
No one likes a gear head when everyone's out enjoying the evening. This is true if you're solo or with a group, esp'ly if you're with a group.
I had all my gear in my pockets. What didn't fit was in the sack which I used to haul to & from location.
6) Practice hospitality
aka Be Nice.
Don't be a space hog, step out of the way and don't extend you're tripod legs out to their max triangular distances.
Finally, offer to take someone else's picture for them. A family man was out trying to get a picture of his family in front of the temple. I shot Pentax. His camera is Pentax. I lent him my flash for his family pix. In the chimp, the temple was perfectly exposed & so is his family.

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