Friday, December 05, 2008

Lone Peak UT

Lone Peak UT, originally uploaded by preyingjaws.

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Years ago a Scouting buddy & I headed towards Lone Peak. We never made it. Heck, we didn't even find the right trail. After an hour or so of punching brush we turned around & came back.

It's been 20 years. The trail head changed. It's now marked. The trail is marked too!

A new friend called me up & said I want to do this hike. I replied let's. So we did. We made it to the base of the summit trail, well almost before we turned back. The last hour or so for us on the trail were in the dark.

It's the most brutal hike I've done in the Wasatch. It's the hike with the greatest rewards. If you want to venture into mountaineering & want to test yourself first. Hit Lone Peak UT.

Now that I've tasted the trail & I've seen it. I'm goin' back in the spring when the trial is open & the wild flowers are in bloom. I've got summit lust for this peak & it's mine, all mine. But I'll wait until spring to get there.

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