Saturday, October 11, 2008

Old Faithful at night under the stars

Many a year ago when I was but a youthful young man, I worked in the far fetched land of Yellowstone National Park. I longed to hike and to relax in the beauty of this rare and wonder filled landscape of exotic and toxic beauty though scared by the wild fires of 88 a scant 2 years before. I spent many a night laying on my back after a day of work or play on the board walk surrounding the geyser known as Old Faithful.

This image though it needs digital noise washing shows the geyser as I'd seen it many a time. I chose this one for you can see the Big Dipper Consolation ready to catch the water cast upwards into the sky. This is towards the end of this geyser's cycle and is lighted by a long exposure and a few flashes of those who do not realize night pixs don't work to well with flashes...

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