Friday, October 31, 2008

dreaming of winter

dreaming of winter, originally uploaded by preyingjaws.

I decided to do a little hiking in an area I've not trekked to this summer. I headed out to Desolation Lake and beyond. Desolation Lake is a few miles in from Big Cottonwood Canyon and is also accessed by going out of bounds at the Canyon's Ski Resort in Park City. I went beyond by hiking up to the ridge and along the Wasatch Crest Trail. The image posted here is of Upper Bear Trap Fork, the back side of Desolation Lake.

Many open slopes draw skiers to the back country. However without proper training or a good head on the shoulders the back country can become the last country - aka resulting in death by burial in snow or demise if recovered in time. The slope surrounding Upper Bear Trap and Desolation Lake slide often in January and February.

I chose to re-familiarize myself with these slopes so that when snow does begin to fall, I will remember what is or isn't holding the snow to the slope.

For more information on Avalanche Dangers or forecasting see:

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