Sunday, April 29, 2018

Lack of...

The shear number of hikes I've gone on over the last few months is reaching an all time low.  The motivation to get up there, isn't.  Since October I've dove into reading as if reading all of a sudden became life.  My preferred genre balances between biographies, several different styles of self help, and philosophical topics.  The lack of hiking and increase of reading does not negate the desire to section hike the Pacific Crest Trail.

The SnoTel, PCT Water Report, and NOAA Weather sites see almost daily visits from me.  The plan is loose, hike another major section with a 125 mile per week goal.  Yes, you read and calculated that right, 25 miles a day 5 days a week or 20 miles per day for 6 of 7.  Let's not forget that I need a full day or two in places for resupply, hence part of the higher mileage requirements. This goal is do able with training.  I'm in the gym three days a week now.  My focus isn't loosing the gut.  Yes, I have one.  My focus is building leg strength and cardio.

Though my base weight (gear carried less consumables) hovers near 15 pounds, I still refine what I use each hike.  Last summer, in Oregon, a 20 degree quilt proved too hot at night.  This summer, I'll try a 30 degree quilt.  I should be comfortable most nights and push a little discomfort on the coldest.  Stove wise, I'm going to the tiny BRS canister.  At 1 ounce it is the lightest on the market, though  not the most durable.  I plan one or two hot meals a week, the rest will be cold soaked.  Cold soaking is just that, pour water into the meal and wait.  Typically it takes over twice as long to reconstitute a meal over the hot water method.  Clothing, nothing is changing except I'm getting a new red shirt, maybe not red, how am I going to tell the difference between hikes?

The location I'm headed towards tends to have a lot more water and a lot more ridgelines or skirting the tops of the mountains.  Water won't be a major concern this summer, watching the fires will (sorry Mom, I have to mention this).  Fires are popping up as a major concern for Oregon in the hiker forecasts already.

Lack of, hiking but not of preparation.

Hike on, hike wise.

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