Saturday, September 09, 2017

Red Pine

Having activities scheduled for this weekend already, I still wanted a quick overnighter while the weather is pleasant.  I chose Red Pine up Little Cottonwood Canyon.  It's 3 1/2 miles, generally taking me less than 90 minutes to hike.  It's popular.  I didn't know how popular until I arrived at 6.30, three other campers were up here already.  I found a spot away from the others and set camp.

It's about 7.40 am, I'm watching the sun hit the false summit of the Pifferhorn and crawl down into the canyon.  Coffee is brewing, someone gave me 'brew in package' thing a while ago.  The temp is chilly, not cold.  I slept well with the 30 degree quilt.  The wind, however snapped the edges of the Gatewood Cape around. The Cape sheed the wind rather nicely.  It's a 'mid' style which means it has one center pole in the middle and looks roughly like a pyramid.  The way I pitch it, I have a second pole that props up the door area giving more ventilation and a bit of a view.  The Zpacks tent that I used on the PCT is very similar except fewer pitching options and the Zpacks has an integrated bug netting/floor. I chose to sleep with the door flap closed which prevented ballooning and the moon from shining on my face after midnight.  The stars were polluted by the city lights before moon rise.  A sprinkle of rain was had while I set up but that was just a sprinkle, the sky cleared shortly after.

Today holds just a bit of wandering while I'm up here.  Later, hit my church's Saturday evening service (there are two services on Sunday) the pastor is beginning his yearly theme of 'God in the Movies' where he breaks down some of the movies of the last year and how he sees God being revealed in the stories produced by Hollywood. The church is Capital Christian on 7th south about 1010 East right next to Judge Memorial Catholic High School in SLC, all are welcome to visit.  This sermon series is the most popular series he does, I want to say for the last 10 odd years.  Tomorrow the church celebrated 20 years in SLC with a picnic, rsvp requested.

Monday, I am officially back in the office even though I've been there for the last week and a half.  I'm kinda wishing that I had done the first (HalfMile Maps) section of the PCT in Washington however, the Indian/Eagle Creek Fire jumped the [Columbia River] Gorge lighting Washington's southern border on fire.  Eh, yeah, may not, good call for getting off early.  Next year's section hike will include contingency plans for snow/rain, falling short/going long, and wildfires.  This year's plan just had wildfires in mind.

Day hikers are making there way up now as the sun is about to enter the lower basin.  Folks who come up this early either are runners or those heading for the summit. Those that come just a little later tend to come just to come.  The lake has two parts, the natural and the rock dam.  Water level is down below the dam about a foot or two.  One can almost see the bottom at the center.  I haven't seen many fish jumping.  

The coffee I brewed is meh.  It required three steps; boil water, pour into the bag, and pour into a cup/mug.  Drank it mostly cold.  My canister might have enough fuel for heating and oatmeal packet's worth of water.  12 burns on this can, not the best but, not shabby either, most of this can was lit above 9000 feet elevation. I'll stick to my instant $tarbucks, one step: add water either hot or cold to a drinking device and drink.

Time to stuff the food bag into the ruck and get moving.  That is all.

Hike on, hike wise.

Irritation Rant Follows

Question:  Drones in Wilderness ares, yes or no?  Personally, no.  I come here to get away from mechanical noise and other city intrusions.  The fact mechanical devices, by law, are not permitted in Wilderness areas should grant some relief.  Someone is flying a drone up here, now.  Drones to me sound like a hornets nest kicked and the residents headed out for revenge.  Folks if you have a drone, leave it home.  If you want to see me, come find me in person.  If you want to see the area do it on foot or with a looking glass (telephoto lens/binoculars) not a remote device that sounds like a bunch of pissed of hornets.  I don't know what you will do with this video or the purposes of your intentions, just don't fly any where near me.  If you want to fly near me, even if I'm a speck, come get my written permission before you fly.  The exception to this is Search and Rescue/law enforcement looking for missing persons and or monitoring a critical situation.

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