Friday, March 04, 2016

Spring update

For those who've expressed interest in my blog from work, thank you.  I know work is slow and it was while at work that I did most of my planning for the Appalachian Trail.

I will admitt over the winter I slowed down my hiking considerably.  I did get out, just not as often.  My most hiked trail was Dog Lake in Big Cottonwood Canyon.  It's quick and easy without a lot of avalanch danger.  Another hiked trail is the upper Millcreek road.  I do like Millcreek however it does get over run by doggie poo bags.  Please when you walk you pup remember to take the waste with you.  There are some things I will pack out, like campfire trash and candy wrappers.

My plans for the up coming hiking season is to thru-hike the Tahoe Rim Trail [TRT].  I'll get back up to Anderson Pass, this time with cool weather gear to finish King's Peak.  There are a few lakes in the Uinta's I want to get back to including Four Lakes Basin (south slope), Naturalist Basin (south slope), and Red Castle (north slope).  I'm not much of a fisherman, though I grew up fishing.  These lakes are remarkably stunning and will be worth the nine plus mile hike in.

The TRT is a quick 2 week hike with 3 resupply points wrapping around the mountains surrounding Lake Tahoe CA/NV.  At 165 miles some of it shares tread with the Pacific Crest Trail on the western side.  I first read about the TRT in Backpacker Magazine a few years back.  For it's short length it makes a nice, don't quit the job thru-hike.

I wanted to hike the TRT last year however, the temporary position I took at work made me hang the plans up for a season.  I'll say cyber-hiking isn't like tread on treadway, I managed.  I'll also say the position stretched me in ways of interacting in a training environment pushed this flip flopping intor/extrovert around in good ways.

I'll be digging up some links for the side bar, updating the photo slideshows too.  I may not do a GPS tracker except for a select few for saftey.  My tab pages are also getting a work over too.

As for now, look at the weather, toss on another layer, and hike on.

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