Friday, October 03, 2014

Statically Speaking

When I look back at the early days of my hike, this picture stands out as one on those that says, "The impossible can be reached."  Walking around the table we see: Jim and his dad Roger - aka Biscuits and Off Meds; next is Alison's Mom and the restaurant owner; Alison - aka Homestretch; Chris - aka Puzzle; Me -Train; and Slim - I never learned Slim's real name.  We were enjoying pizza in Franklin NC which is about 107 miles into our journey.

The Impossible:  We All Summited Mount Katahdin within weeks of each other.
  • Slim was first on Aug 28 according to Appalachian Trials web page.
  • Alison, sported a Super Girl costume was second on Sept 17, also seen on the same site.
  • Jim & Roger on Sept 19.  I met them at the Hunt trail head as I came into the area.
  • I was next the following day on Sept 20
  • Puzzle is the last of the group on Oct 1.  He txt'd me from town later that day.
According to the Appalachian Conservatory's site 1 in 4 or less successfully complete the journey with in one calendar year of their start date.  This year as reported and estimated 2500 left from Springer Mountain GA.  I was 1044.  My thru-hiker number in Baxter is 564.  

I hiked with amazing people.  I do check Trail Journals and Appalachian Trials sites to see who's made it.  I ran into only a few people the day before I summited and on my summit day as I came back into the trail head area.  Everyone has a back story. Everyone shared similar experiences in light of their back story.  We all are shaped by the story of our trail experience.

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You were in good company!