Sunday, September 08, 2013


Rainy days in Utah are a rare treat.  Folks may disagre with the last half of my openning statement which is okay by me as it means I can count on fewer folks on the trail.

I fell asleep last night with rain dancing on the roof.  I pondered which trail to hike.  I decided on Desolatin Lake in Big Cottonwood Canyon.  It is gentle in grade, well traveled, and not a lot of brush to push aside this time of year.  I arrived at the trailhead aound 9:30 eith gentle rain falling. The temp hoverd around 60 degress.  Dressed in gortex, my z-poles slung on th day ruck I hded up Mill B/D (I often get the to mixed up).  Rain danced in waves through the trees.  I dared a picture hre nd the eith my pocket point and shooter.  The clouds draped themselves mystically over the minor peaks of the Wasatch. 

After an hour an half of a wet and occasionally muddy trail, I arrived at the lake.  Knowing wet, sweat, and cold don't mix I found a grove of trees to shelter under and add a dry layer.  It's a smart move, a few minutes later I checked th temp again, 40's, burr. 

I suckd down some water and crunched a granola bar for lunch.  This is an area I'll typically hang out for a while.  Had I come yesterday with its clear sky and warm temps this area would be packed with hikers and mountain bikers.  Today, I was alone.  Even alone I did not stay long, just long enough for a few pictures, burr.

Side note, I wrote this on a mobile devic to see if writing a blog on such would be of future usefullness.  I've spent way to long away from blogging and staying current on this site.  The device is working out so far but editing is a drag when i miss a charctr.  Argh there it goes again.

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