Sunday, June 17, 2012


This is my letter of petition concerning the SkiLink proposal set up by Rep Rob Bishop.

June 17, 2012

Dear Representative,

I've been following the SkiLink initiative on the news and on the Save Our Canyons website. I do think this is a bold initiative for the development of the Greater Salt Lake/Summit County Region. In the theory that is expressed by the proposal H.R. 3452 and S.1883, yes it will work (for a select few). However, looking at the principles by which this initiative came about violates the very constitution that sets up due process in protecting the governance of the State of Utah, the people of Utah, and the resources of Utah.

I am one who stands for a government for the people and by the people. When a government meets the needs of the people by the set forth process then, yes, the initiatives need to proceed. With SkiLink the process was not followed. It was by passed by representative Rob Bishop acting out of his region and actively promoted as being good for the people with no input by the people. If SkiLink is so good for the people, why wasn't it promoted by the people? If it were good for the people why was is promoted by a foreign entity, Talisker Development Company, and not brought up by the US Forest Service that manages the region SkiLink will cross?

Save Our Canyons has been working with a large number of groups that promote outdoor recreation in developing a plan that will protect our diminishing resources of the Greater Salt Lake/Summit County Region while actively encouraging outdoor usage. These groups working together over the last few years is due process, multiple public hearing were held and proposals going out to the respected groups constituents. The increase usage through preservation of our canyons will bring about a greater economic boost to Utah's economy then by promoting a select few points of interest.

If you want to develop the resource of transportation between the ski resorts of Salt Lake and Summit Counties please look at developing the bus infrastructure and or paving Guardsman's Pass with an emphasis on year round bus shuttles. By developing the bus transportation this will allow for greater flexibility between points of interests which in turn means more people are likely to spend more time enjoying the region either in private resorts or by using public lands.

Brian K Jaworski

An active user of the Wasatch Range.

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