Tuesday, April 03, 2012

Invitations to charity events are always fun.  I enjoy getting out to see what is capturing the hearts of people.

Miles for Water is a University of Utah student charity.  They want to promote and raise awareness for access to clean water in the horn of Africa.  Though I visited and worked in West Africa with Mercy Ships, I find the continent always tugging at my heart.

I took the time to head out on a breezy afternoon to join a few dozen runners.  After the event I hung a kite in the sky for a while.

Sugarhouse Park is the first place I ever shot a running event close to 5 years ago.  I learned that it's beneficial to shoot people shots in RAW format while shooting high quality JPG's for the run.  This balances out performance with details.  

The D-90 shoots 4 frames per second but can only take 3 seconds worth of images into the buffer when shooting RAW before it has to dump into the memory card.  The dump can take 20 odd seconds which in sports can mean the lost 'money' image.  Shooting JPG's allow for smaller file sizes and thus more seconds of shooting with faster dumps.

If you use any of the provided images please give credit to PreyingJaws.com and send me the link or a copy of the publication, thanks.

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