Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Lunch to Go

Lunch to Go, originally uploaded by preyingjaws.

Farmington Bay UT is home to one of the most diverse and easily accessed water foul managed areas. About 2 miles off I-15, a series of dikes retain and control fresh (sweet) water resources before they mix with the salty brine of the inland sea better known as the Great Salt Lake. Here migrating birds of all kind take to nesting to resting to hunting, many of which can be spotted from the road way.
This past weekend I headed up there for my 3rd weekend to see what I could find. I will walk a couple of miles along the dikes in hopes of spotting cranes and birds of prey. My favorite shots though do come right off the road. Using the car as a blind I've managed to snag eagles feeding, hawks cruising the fields, and even the above American Kestrel eating. This kestrel took off as I stepped away from my car for a better view.
The car not only acts as a blind but as a tripod. I placed my camera on my car, turned on the wireless remote and waited over 20 minutes to capture the shot of two eagles as found on the photo stream.
If you intend to use the car as a blind do idle up to the position you think will best suit your shooting style. Turning it off will help you steady the shot (besides obeying the new no idle law). Please be mindful of others by pulling off the road or signaling to let others know you are creeping along.
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One final note, Feb 13, 2010, the day before Single Awareness Day, will be the annual Bald Eagle count.

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