Monday, October 05, 2009

the garden

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A former supervisor tossed an insult my way or was it awake up call or was it simply an observation, anyways it doesn't matter he simply commented that I only talk about two things: hiking and photography. I just returned from a photography club meeting. The club president seems to digress to one subject, stock photography. I hung on her words for a while on how stock photography can provide fulfillment among other things. I came to the conclusion with these two encounters, what's in our gardens?

What's in our gardens? The proverbial onion's been cut to pieces, besides there's more to chop from the garden then the onion. The onion is good to use in many cases because it has layers one can peal away. It's bad to use for when the layers are all removed you don't have anything left but a pile of peeled away layers.

The garden has so much to offer. Currently my garden is but two planter boxes under a south facing window outside. This year I grew a few tomatoes, some basil, sunflowers, and lettuce. This garden is small yes, but it's a start for me. I've never grown anything before and yet I have this year, my first year, something to show for it.

Be a garden of topics, one subject or a few, each topic does contain many aspects. Each plant I grew I quickly found out has different light and water requirements. One can snarl at photography and say so what. Funny thing is the snarling beast may not realize how much of his life is influenced by photographers.

Photography is more then an image or a process, to a photographer it's a lifestyle. Each photographer lives and breathes in their style. It's in the fore front of their minds driving down the road, talking to others on the phone, looking through the lens. A photograph is a concept yet developed and yet nearing completion. From the seed sown to the image on a magazine cover, the photograph is. It is the only aspect of life nearing the majority of a photographer's attention, time, and conversation.

I shoot landscapes. Landscapes go hand in hand with hiking. I desire to give validity to my stories so I take pictures. These pictures are now evolving into an art. I'll hike 2, 3, 6, and many more miles to climb up a ridge line to a peak or down into a valley so deep light seldom sees. I'll traverse snow fields, wade through ice cold creeks, and put up with swarms of mosquitoes just to see something others may never see. Why, the challenge of doing and because I can. That's why, I can.

I also like journalistic styles. I love a good story. I also enjoy seeing a story unfold with out words. Remember the picture books you had when you were a child? How many of those stories had words you needed to read in order to know what the story was about?

To night I shared an image from one of my photo essays. Alone this image is par. It's technically correct with exposure, focus, and the rule of division, etc. What the image lacked is continuity. Why was this image selected for a competition? What is the purpose/message? Truthfully, it met the requirement of the competition subject matter. I pulled it out of context for tonight. This image adds support to the essay.

An onion is seldom used alone. Sure one can eat an onion but, what is the true purpose of the onion? It's purpose is to support the other items grown in the garden. It enhances the flavor of the stew, the k-bob, the salad.

Sure my supervisor made an observation, a wake up call, an insult. Call his comment what every you want. I call it one question shy of looking deeper into the garden of my life.

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