Friday, August 07, 2009


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Despite the threat of rain, I chose to head out the high Uinta Mountains this past week to an area I've read about. South of Ft Bridger Wyo is an area called Red Castle Mntn. I hear it's shimmering red colored rock is awe inspiring in the evening. It is. I managed to get to the lower lake in time to see the color show of the evening. That nigh I enjoyed a full moon rise just to the north and a gentle swing in the hammock for a peaceful night sleep - some where in the same valley I know some Tenderfoot Boy Scout was getting introduced to the fine art of sleeping on strategically placed rocks. I'd seen more then a handful of Boy Scouts enroute to this basin.

The following morning, color of the sky out shining the red rock of the night before I hunkered down expecting rain for the day but not letting it hamper my activity. After a lazy morning of drinking a cup of mountain grounds & packing, I headed up past the Scouts to the upper lake and back. I grabbed the ruck & then went on to the East Fork of the Smith River drainage also known as East Basin of Red Castle. Because of wind & time limitations I chose not to go to Smith's Pass. It's better to plan aggressive, hike with intent & err on the side of caution then to be on the evening news.

A couple of miles down the trail about mid afternoon the rains came. This is the first image of me in the rain. I pressed on to Hessie Lake. Where fortunately I was able to find an uncrowed camping area. Except for a couple of Moose, I was alone. The rain broke long enough for me to find a camping site, string my hammock & tarp before returning. I then ducked in & out of the tarp several times while doing camp chores like fetching water & cleaning myself up - I hate sleeping dirty. Tarping is better then tenting in this situation for one can cook under the corner of the tarp where as in a tent one must expose oneself to the elements.

I spent the night with rain titer tatting on the shelter and for a while being woken by the full moon. In the morning more of the same dodge balling the rain. By mid morning the rains had cleared and a new set of trekers were enroute to the mountain. I passed many a group bound for Red Castle. Ah the story I can now share. I ponder did it rain on them too?

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