Saturday, February 14, 2009

FIBT World Cup Bobsled & Skeleton

K10D_IGP0054_rdc, originally uploaded by preyingjaws.

An echo across the canyon alerted me to some event going on at the UT Olympic Sports Park. Deep in snow I wouldn't be able to hit the venue that night. I made mental plans to check and head there the following day.

Prepared for the cold, I was surprised with how warm it was. That was until the sun moved behind the clouds & later on out of view. I checked my pack's thermometer - damn cold (-5C). I welcomed the extra layers I came with.

I shot & kept shooting. Cursing Pentax's slow focusing mechanisms I did not do. I pre-focused every shot. Knowing I'd have two points of interest in focus if I panned every shot. Hundreds of images later I have a few that came out clear.

The events on Feb 12, were Men's Skeleton (which was to early for me), Women's Skeleton, and 2 Man Bobsled.

Three things I learned that day.
1) Photography is about problem resolution.
2) Know thy track, course, or event layout. It wasn't until after the event I saw a few areas of the course I wanted to be at.
3) Stay hydrated. I had a wrecking head ache later on. The winter dry will suck water out of one's body faster then a hot summer day.

Stick around. I may post one or two more images at flicker dot com slash preyingjaws


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