Friday, July 25, 2008

quick n dirty thoughts

Now that I'm home & have a moment or two I hope I can recover some of what I was thinking about at work today. I made a list kinda jotting the note as I went. I am calling these QDPN's (Quick & Dirty [unrefined] Personal Notes).

Nothin': What it means...

My place, if you come over by invitation then take it seriously. I seldom let others into my door. If you are invited, come in & know I consider you as one of my own.

Beer, it's my choice of social cold drinks

Coffee: I drink it when it's a hundred and ten degrees & I'll drink it when boiling water freezes.

WTF (yes. that is...) Why is he wearing a sweat shirt in 100 weather? The sweatshirt is actually thread bare & hides my skin from the sun keeping me cooler...

I have no game & I know it.

Is it possible to be twisted (confused) about a friend. What if she finds out about it? Typically being twisted lasts only a few days or so then I'm back to cool friend thoughts & just hangin'. What if she reads this?

Best morning activity: Watching the little brown birds at the bird feeder while drinking coffee & reading the BOOK

Prayer & what it hasn't done for me, a satirical look at my current prayer life & unanswered prayers

Salted in shell peanuts versus pretzels.

The ever changing world of friendships. These things aught to be called friend shifts. I've noticed the gang I hang with now it's the gang I hung with...

Perfection in relationships is finding the qualities that will make one a better person...

Why is it the best ideas I want to write about happens at work? So back to work I go...

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