Tuesday, February 05, 2008

primary gruff

I personally think that the two party system is failing the republic.
When I went down the rules of the 'open system' say I can vote for
anyone I want, however if I want to vote Republican I needed to
registered as a Republican. I'm non affiliated so I don't have to vote
along party lines - even in the primaries. I told the clerk, "I'm un
affiliated." She told me I had to choose one and went on to say if I
choose Republican I cold not vote because I am not declare Republican
therefore I'd loose my vote. Someone stepping out said choose
Democrat, they will let you vote Independent. So I said thanks to
him & told the clerk, Democrat. When I got to the ballot my indi's
were not on the ticket, so I could not choose my choice. If I am in an
'open system' how can it be called open if I can not choose whom I want
when I want at the ballot. That is my gruff. That is where I see the
failure in the system that is set up for the general populous. I
therefore cast my vote for the one whom is the biggest threat to the
one I do not want to move on in this election cycle.

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