Friday, September 28, 2007

foot in mouth flare up...

Words and stories can mix and be mixed up by close friends and those far off. They can be taken as stories or as shots to the heart. I recently told a story of a friend (fellow shipmate) in a group in which I tied it back into the group. What I thought was over and behind an 'us' who aren't close enough to call an 'us' of friends I retro-think my words is not. Instead of a funny antecedent about an untimely word and the repercussion there of; I fear I shot my friend in the heart with an arrow that bore down heavier then a ton of bricks crushing me out while damaging any vein of relationship beyond association. I've suffered from a cold shoulder before because I spoke out of turn. This time I simply ask, of my friend, give me a chance to dig myself deeper & grant me the grace to mess up again.

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